Nearby area

Nearby area

Slovakiaring Automotodrom Orechová Potôň

It is the only professional Automotodrom Slovakia, located just 8 km from our pension Nevada. Slovakiaring is one of the longest road circuits in Europe. Slovakia Ring offers to visitors the opportunity to try speeding own or hired car on the spot, as well as access to training for all groups of drivers. Fans of auto-moto sport can watch the race live from six grandstands located on the premises. Overview of events, visit


Track parameters

  • Length Line 5 922 m
  • Width Trails: 12 m
  • Length Finish line: 900 m
  • Width Finish line: 20 m
  • Length Acceleration test track 1 144 m
  • Width Acceleration test track: 20 m

Versions track

Circuit offers 6 options in both directions, for a total of 12 different tracks with a length of 2632 to 5922 meters.

Welten Golf Club, Bac

It located just 18 kilometers from our hotel Nevada. Golf Club awaits its guests with 18-hole championship golf course, a training meadow -driving range. Driving Range GC Welten is the only one of its kind in Slovakia. You will also find the putting greens and artificial lighting for night play. The premises renovated mansion is located GCW club room. Player has a possibility of firing from both sides, in case of bad weather, there is created a covered part of the launch area. Beginners warmly welcome at the academy, training 3-hole course offers the opportunity to gain first golf experiences, and is ideal for those who want to practice short and precise game and putting.

THERMALPARK in Dunajska Streda

THERMALPARK in Dunajska Streda belongs to the tourists frequently visited and most popular recreational centers Rye Island. For its visitors it has prepared four indoor pools and six outdoor pools. Guests can unwind in the relaxation area of the swimming pool with hot healing mineralized water. Pool uses thermal water with a temperature of 57C, which has a positive effect on the locomotor system difficulties. You have something even the smallest ones in the children's pool in the middle of the slide. For those larger Thermal has prepared various water attractions, a big slide in the summer. For couples on the lake is a beautiful sandy beach with boating. If you would like a refresher during bathing, Thermal for you has built a huge terrace with summer bar. Those who instead prefer to relax and rest before exercise, you can play various ball games such as: tennis, football, handball or even basketball.

For more information about the pool area, visit:

Dunajska Streda

Dunajska Streda is located in the heart of Rye Island, 45 km from the capital Bratislava, 35 km from Hungary. In the city there are historical monuments, cultural facilities, educational institutes and popular thermal bath. It is now an important tourist center with a rich cultural and historical offer.

Traditional events:


  • Žitnoostrovský Esoteric Festival


  • Day of Saint George, feast
  • Dunajskostredský Music Days
  • Easter home games
  • Poetry day


  • Žitnoostrovské crayons


  • Municipal Children's Day
  • Arts Festival
  • Vermes villa at night


  • Dunajskostredská summer: concerts


  • Fair Žitnoostrovský


  • Accordion Festival


  • Jamboree on Martina


  • Christmas House game
  • Area of the Christmas holidays
  • New Year´s fireworks
  • New Year's Eve run
Rye Island Museum

It was established on 1 July 1964 and is located in the Yellow mansion, which was built by Miklos Konde in the 18th century. The exposition consists of 11 thematic units. Visitors can see eg. historical weapons, housing culture of the nobility, or memorial room Armin Vámbery - Orientalist, traveler and scientist. In 1944 and during 1945 there was housed first the German and then Russian military command. After the war the building took over under its administration Czechoslovak military authorities. In the years 1953-1972 the house was based Land Office. In 1972, it moved here Žitnoostrovské museum, the building of the White family mansion Bacsákova, who was given the space for permanent exhibitions and scholarly research. In 1977 the main building was restored mansion. At present, there is placed a permanent exhibition of Rye Island Museum.

Roman Catholic Church of St. Juraj

Roman Catholic Church. George's is the oldest sight of historic and religious city. Stone foundations of the church were built in 1329 in Gothic style. Extensive construction work of the church was renovated between 1742-43 in Baroque style. The main altar is Baroque, from the 18th century and is decorated with paintings. The side altars are from the late baroque period and are decorated with paintings of King Stephen's. The underground church is a crypt with the remains of one of the most urban families Pókateleki condom.

Vermersová villa

In the sixties and seventies of the 20th century villa it has been used for leisure and curriculum activities for children and youth. In the years 1988 -2002 are housed extended workplace Slovak National Gallery. Since 2005, the villa's own town of Dunajska Streda and after reconstruction it became the seat gallery of contemporary Hungarian artists.

Water Mill in the Danube Klátov

Water Mill is located in the Danube Klátov. It is one of the few surviving water mills in Slovakia with bottom mill race. Danubian Lowland had favorable conditions for the operation of water mills. Mill probably dates from the 19th century and is built on Klatovske arm of Small Danube. Preserving the current structural modification received in the reconstruction in 1920. Although the mill is able to operate, but can not be run due to the low water level. In the hot summer, the water level is enhanced by the magic of nature reserve Klátovské shoulder beautiful blooms of white water lily.

Waterworks Gabčíkovo

Waterworks originally designed and built as part of the Gabčíkovo - Nagymaros. It is situated on the Danube near Bratislava, the Slovak capital. The town is situated in the center of Europe near the border with Hungary and Austria.
The purpose of Water works is mainly to protect against floods, which the caused the Danube several times catastrophes. Further, water provides a smooth work year-round sailing, provides electricity in a quantity of about 8% of annual consumption Slovak Republic. It stabilized the Danube and creates conditions for the protection of inland delta
Danube river and recreational opportunities for the development of the adjacent territory. In the Water works Gabčíkovo reflects the ability of humans to align their interests with the needs of nature